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One of our favourite islands along the Dalmatian coast is Brac!

If you have never been, please put it on your bucket list (maybe a day trip with Summer Blues to get you there)

1 Wow! Brac is BIG!

Brac is the largest island in Dalmatia, the third largest in the Adriatic and the highest among Adriatic islands rising up to 778 meters. Summer Blues will take you to the peak on ‘Vidova Gora’ with their Golden Horn Tour!

2 Limestone from Brac Island is World Wide Famous!

Pure white limestone from the quarries near Pucisca on the island of Brac was used to build the White House in Washington. Also, long before that, it was used by Roman Emperor Diocletian’s slaves and transported to Split to build the famous ‘Diocletian Palace’. Game of Thrones fans INFORMATION ALERT!

3 A Little Bit of Shakespeare

According to Historians …Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night was staged in Dalmatia possibly on the Island of Brac! Shakespeare definitely picked top spots for his plays!

4 The Most Beautiful Beach in The World

The most beautiful beach in Croatia and on everyone’s bucket list is in Bol, on the island of Brac. ‘Golden Horn Beach’ translates to ‘Zlatni Rat’ in Croatian, changes in shape size and colour depending on wind direction.

You don’t know what your missing until you try this Vitamin SEA :

5 ‘Malo Pomalo’

Is a phrase used by many locals on the Island of Brac and translates to ‘little by little’ and so describes the everyday lifestyle… Who doesn’t want to live like this!?

6 Church Growing Trees

There is a pine tree growing out of the Roof of St. Peters Church in the village of Nerezisce, on Brac Island. We think this is really cool!

7 Anyone for Sheep?

On the island of Brac there are 25000 sheep and only 14000 residents and their most famous specialty is ‘Vitalac ‘a dish for the brave!’

Why? It is totally made from lamb offal and is listed under the nonmaterial cultural heritage. That’s how important it is! Since the island of Brac was historically and still is today famous for breeding lambs, putting lamb offal one by one on the spit – liver, spleen, heart, lungs, etc, makes ‘vitalac’. Offal is then salted and wrapped with intestine and slowly baked over open fire.

Plan to Visit Brac?

Brac is a must-see island known for its beaches, food, culture and history. It’s great for any age! Whether you’re there to learn about it’s history or you’re there to swim and sail, you won’t be disappointed!

Which of these sounds most appealing to you? Have you discovered Brac yet?